Adding dimensions to the Criteria Bar

Enable/disable the Criteria bar with F10.

To add a dimension to the Criteria bar, right click the dimension in Source data and select ‘Add to criteria bar’:


From the Criteria Bar, we may now choose dimension values to filter data in the analysis.

Tip: To pick just one value from the list, click the name of the dimension member. In this way, the dimension member will immediately be applied as a global criterion.


Tip: Use the check boxes only to pick multiple values from the list. Complete your selection by clicking the dimension’s “Apply” button in the Criteria Bar.


To remove Global Criteria from the Criteria Bar, select No selection from the criteria drop down list. “No selection” means “No filters” or “No criteria”.

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  • How do we select all the boxes from the drop down list in the criteria bar. I want to select all the boxes, but exclude only one. It is time-consuming to manually select all the boxes one-by-one. 

    Is there any way to select all the boxes and then deselect any one of them?


  • Hi Hassam,

    Unfortunately there is no 'Select all' option.

    In the TARGIT Windows client you would normally handle your scenario by going to the Criteria editor and then do a 'Different from' criteria.

    An end-user with an Anywhere client does not have the same options - yet. It is on our roadmap to offer more criteria options to the Anywhere user.

    BR / Ole


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