Page header and Page footer

Everything you add on the first page of your report layout will be repeated on the following pages – unless you specify that is shouldn’t. More about that, when we look into repeater pages.

Page headers and footers would typically be added as Layout boxes with text, dynamic content or images.


In this example, we are using the Caption and Subcaption fields of a text box to design the report header:


The Subcaption is made up from a mix of fixed text together with dynamic text.

The dynamic content dialog offers a number of System variables that may be quite useful for report headers or footers:


To add an image, e.g. a company logo, you will also start out with a Layout object, which you will then turn into the Image layout type and then add the image from a file browser.


The report’s header and footer may eventually become something like this:



In the footer, two text boxes have been used – one with a criteria explanation dynamic element, and the other with page and page total dynamic elements.


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  • Thanks for the guide for creating a report footer. Where is the setting to allow the dynamic criteria list to continue across the footer instead of down the footer?


  • Hi Aaron,

    The built-in "Criteria explanation" system variable cannot be changed. It will always place members down rather than across.

    Instead, you should consider building your own criteria explanation - not from the System variables tab, but from the Criteria tab.

    In this example, I have used the standard Criteria explanation system variable in the grey box, while in the orange box I have customized my own criteria explanation.

    The content of the orange box is coming from the Criteria tab in the Dynamic content dialog:

    The standard Criteria explanation system variable has one advantage: It automatically picks up criteria from any new dimensions that you add to your criteria list. The customized one does not, so this is something you may need to consider while designing your own criteria explanation.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks, Ole! This is a great substitution for the standard Criteria Explanation. 


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