Multi page reports

A report is not limited to just a single page design with a potential Repeater page associated with it.

In fact, you can add and design as many individual pages in a report as you like.

When working with multi page reports, you have a lot of freedom with regard to individual page designs:

  • Each page can be designed totally independent from the other pages.
  • Any potential custom repeater page can be designed individually.
  • Objects, from the Object list, can be re-used and centrally administrated across several pages. Unlink an object, if it needs to be treated individually on a specific page.
  • Data on different pages can be based on different cubes. (Actually, even objects on the same page may be created from different cubes).
  • Iterations can span a single page (plus its repeater page), or it can span multiple pages (plus their repeater pages).
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