Edit and Share a User dimension

The User dimension you created is probably just a local User dimension – directly associated with the object in which it was created.

To edit a User dimension, right click it in the Source data tab:


Apart from being able to edit, add or remove elements from your User dimension, you can also Share the User dimension to be used in other objects – even in other documents and by other users.


When you choose to share a User dimension, you will need to select in which cubes it should be shared. Sometimes it makes sense to share it only within the cube from where it was created, but for some User dimensions, based on general dimensions such as the Time dimension, you may want to share it across multiple cubes.


The advantage of having a shared User dimension is of course the re-usability and single point of administration.

However, sometimes you may want to detach a User dimension from an object – maybe in order to make local User dimension modifications.


Another way to create, edit or delete User dimensions, is to do it via the Tools menu:


This is a great way to get an overview of all User dimensions on the current TARGIT installation. Furthermore, by pointing to the “Used in” icon, you will get an overview of which documents will be impacted if make any changes.


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