"Advanced" calculations - the 'point and click' editor

”Advanced calculations” is in reality a kind of calculations editor where the end-user can build calculations by pointing to and clicking individual rows or columns in a crosstab.

The advanced calculations editor is opened from Smartpad Calculations.


The current crosstab is then pulled into the advanced calculations editor where new calculations can be added as a new measure, as a new column or as a new row.


In this example, a new calculation has been inserted as a new column. The calculation has been given a title “2nd year minus 1st year”. The formula has been made by clicking the second and the first columns respectively. You can click anywhere in the column. The operator (the minus) has been inserted from the keyboard.


When the formula is complete, click the OK button in top right corner to insert the next calculation etc. When the last calculation is done, click OK an extra time to close the Advanced calculations editor.


When the Advanced calculations editor has been closed, we can continue working on the crosstab in the analysis. The individual calculated columns can be pulled in between the other columns if desired. In this example, it makes more sense to place the “2nd year minus 1st year” calculation immediately after the second column.


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  • I  have let 68 different customers and i want the total to be visible on a new column in order to apportion however i dont not hwat the value to change when i filter the report i used this formulas however the total of the customers changes every time i filter any suggestions ?

    sum(d-1, all(v), m3)
    sum(d-1, all(s), m3)
    sum(d-1, all(r0), 3)


  • Hi Demetris,

    Can you please add a screenshot of the crosstab you are trying to add the calculation to?

    A screenshot with data, and a screenshot in 'Define' mode - if possible?




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