TARGIT Anywhere Installation

TARGIT Anywhere

The Anywhere client has changed location in the 2018 and later versions.
The default installation is now http://[server]/Anywhere.
For upgrades, the location does not change, since that would make paths to documents invalid.

Another change for the 2018 version is that the Windows client no longer has to be installed on the server.
The main part of the client, ocx, has been included in the Anywhere .zip file, making installations and upgrades easier.

Clean install
There are two options for installing Anywhere; using our dedicated configuration tool or manually placing the folder in the file system. We strongly recommend to use our tool.


Configuration tool
To use our dedicated configuration tool, make sure you have the latest version available in the download center under the Anywhere section.
Otherwise, make sure you have an internet connection and let the tool auto update.

When you have the latest version of the tool, simply run it and make sure you enter the correct name in the server field.
The tool automatically checks the version of the server and fetches a corresponding Anywhere version from a web service.


To make a manual install, make sure you have an Anywhere .zip file corresponding to the server version.
In the root of the .zip file, copy the “Anywhere” folder to your install location e.g. C:\inetpub\wwwroot.
Then open your IIS Manager, navigate to the “Default Web Site” (unless installed elsewhere) and right-click the “Anywhere” folder and select “Convert to Application”.
Anywhere is now installed.


Upgrades from previous versions may also be done using either the tool or manually.
Again we encourage to use the tool as it is much simpler and less prone to errors.

Configuration tool
Just follow the procedures described under the clean install section.
The configuration tool automatically transfers your saved settings in the web.config to your new installation.

To make a manual upgrade, save a backup of your old “Anywhere” folder (located here by default: C:\inetpub\wwwroot).
Then delete the folder and follow the procedures under the “Clean install” section.
After the new version has been installed, manually enter any settings in web.config that you may have changed.

Note, that the old web.config must not be copied to the new location, since the content of the file may have changed!

Scalable maps
To make sure that scalable maps (GIS) can run in Anywhere, run the installer for the scalable map component by calling the web service “https://[server]:1301/installgis”.

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