Criteria Editor

You can also add global criteria with the Criteria Editor that is located in the icons toolbar in the upper right corner of your client.


The Criteria Editor enables you to work with criteria on all dimensions – not just the ones that have been added to the Criteria Bar for the current analysis.


Tip: The Criteria Editor can work with different operators than the ”equal to” operator. All criteria from the Criteria Bar are treated like “equal to” criteria, while in the Criteria Editor you can apply e.g. “different from” criteria.

From the Smartpad Criteria you can at any time see what global criteria currently you analysis. From this point, you can also add new global criteria, edit the existing ones or completely remove global criteria.


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  • Hi Ole, the Criteria Editor is a powerful aid.

    In our setup this feature is only visible to designers. Not Consumers. Is it possible to give Consumers also access ?


    Walter Bastiaens - All Sport nv - Belgium

  • Hi Walter,

    Currently it is not possible for Consumer users to access the Criteria Editor.

    But I know that it is something that is being considered: To be able to grant more criteria options to Consumer users.

    BR / Ole

  • i am trying to create a graph visualizing check in and check out however my issue is that some times people do not scan when they check out there fore i have 0 as value. 

    When i am deducting check out - check in to see the overtime worked or if they left early i obtain 0 in the rows that no check out card was scanned.

    Is there a way i can remove the 9 in my new column in order to see the correct image of what people worked? 

    I have added the following formula "if sum(d-1,0,m2)=0 then 0 else sum(d-1,0,m3)" which removes the number nine from the column however it obtains the sum of the previous column which does not give me the results i want.


    Also please note is measure and not a dimensions


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