The report we just created, especially the layout of the header and footer sections, might be a candidate for a Template.

Before we save the report as a template, we should probably remove irrelevant objects. Template irrelevant objects would often be the data objects, such as the charts and the crosstabs. After removal, we should end up with a report with a header and a footer section only.



Bear in mind that objects you remove from a page isn’t removed from the document – unless you go to your list of Unused objects and delete them from there.


At this point we are ready to save it as a template. Notice the Save as template checkbox at the bottom of the Save document dialog:


Also, notice that you might want to create a special Templates folder for storing this and any future templates. Once you store your templates into a specific folder, you will also need to go to the Open tab and right click the folder to Add the folder to templates.


This is necessary to make the folder (and its templates) available when you create a new document.


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  • Hi Ole,

    I have made some templates and used it for some reports. Now I got the message from a user that he can't open the report with the error message: no access to .... cube.

    The problem is that the template is linked to our 'Receivables cube' and the user don't have the rights for that cube. I tried to save it again (the template and the report) but when I open the report the receivable cube still show up (should be inventory cube). See screenshot below.

    How can I solve this? As I can see there is always a cube linked to the template, but it should not.


    Best regards,


  • Hi Frank,

    I did a few tests and cannot replicate your problem.

    Please remember that when removing an object from a document, it is actually not totally removed. It is moved into your Object list (F11), in the 'Unused objects' section.

    To totally remove it from your document/template, you must right click this section to delete the unused objects:

    Please let me know if this was the issue?

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    Thanks! That is the solution. I found the same while I received your reply. Did not realize the deleted crosstable was nog gone. So I have to clean my template :-). 

    Best regards,





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