Mapping of dimension values

The first time you use an image the dimension values must be mapped.

Create a new Area map chart showing No of Sales per Customer Region (attribute). Add a criterion to show data for Germany only.


When we fetch data the default world map is shown. To change the map to Germany, navigate to the chart properties and open the Custom maps folder.


At first the map will be empty with no locations mapped. In the chart properties click Edit locations.


The unmapped dimension values are shown in the dialog box. If we click Auto Map TARGIT will match the dimension values up with the individual areas on the map and apply the locations. There might be dimension values left that have not been mapped. These values can be mapped manually by using drag and drop.

On this map, you can identify locations with mouse over on the area.


You can also double click an element if you want to see a list of the locations.


Once you are done mapping all you have to do is to save the locations.


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