Working with Layouts

When you create something new in TARGIT, you actually create a number of new things:

  • Documents. A Document is the general term used when you need to create something new in TARGIT. Also, when you open something in TARGIT, you open a document. A document can be one of many types, e.g. an Analysis, a Dashboard, a Report etc. – or a mix of these types.
  • Layouts. A Document may contain a number of different Layouts. You may start out by designing an analysis with a layout suitable for landscape mode on PC desktops. Next, in the same document, using the same objects, you could add a new layout suitable for e.g. portrait mode on a Tablet.

When you create a new document in TARGIT, often, you will initially design this with a default Dashboard Layout.

Go to the Layouts tab to add an extra Dashboard Layout to your existing document:


When you add a new layout, you also start out with a single page layout. The new layout page should probably have page settings different from the default page settings. You can choose from a number of different pre-defined page sizes, or you can create and save your own custom page size.


Add a proper name to the new layout, from the Layouts tab in the Smartpad:


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