The demo will demonstrate a very common situation: A cross table that includes a custom calculation where a division-by-zero situation can occur.

Labels can be added to the formula to enhance the readability.

  • Create a new Analysis with a Cross table showing Revenue and Costs per Customer
  • Add a new calculation Contribution Margin = (Revenue – Costs) / Revenue * 100.
  • Apply the global criterion Customer Country(Territory) = Asia.


Notice the “Math errors” – which are caused by division by zero.

To fix this, we will implement an “if-then-else” statement in our calculations syntax.

  • In the formula, include an if-then-else statement to handle the division-by-zero issue. Insert “0” when a division by zero is attempted:


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  • I am straggling with the if formula in targit

    I have a calculated column that has different values insight however i would like to use the if formula in order to extract any value that is higher from 1o, but when i do so i am also extracting the total of the column. Can somebody clarify why this is taking place?

    or provide me with the a formula that will not do that?



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