Aggregation functions



sum( [element sets] )

Simple sum of elements

count( [element sets] )

Number of non-empty elements

allcount( [element sets] )

Number of elements, both empty and non-empty.

stdev( [element sets] )

Standard deviation of elements

avg( [element sets] )

Average of elements

max( [element sets] )

Maximal value found in elements

min( [element sets] )

Minimal value found in elements

rankasc( [element sets] )

Rank elements from lowest value to highest value

rankdesc( [element sets] )

Rank elements from highest value to lowest value

median( [element sets] )

Median of elements

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  • Hi Ole,

    In many of your articles I miss the link to where I can apply this information.

    For example where do I apply these aggregation functions.

    Maybe it is due too my lack of courses and experience but with this info i can learn easier and quicker.

    regards dirk-jan


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