Management client shortcut

On the server, to get access to the Management client, you can now run the TARGIT client from the installed TARGIT shortcut.


From here, you can manage your server:


Tip: You can create your own custom Management client desktop shortcut with this URL:

  • targit://localhost/manage

Note: Replace [localhost] with the server name or IP address of your server.


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  • This helpfull. How can I start the client with another display language?

    It is more easy to follow some instructions from the documentation, when the client is set to english.

    But it will always start in the windows display language. Is it possible to start without changing the windows DL Language?

  • Hi Marc,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    The Management client's language can be changed once you have logged on.

    Click the small globe in the upper right corner to change the interface language.

    BR / Ole


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