Administration of logins

The Logins module of the License section in the TARGIT Management client offers some good options for getting an overview of license usage.

The main window is an overview of available, used and currently connected application users. If the used logins equals the available logins you have run out of logins.

Right click any row to display more detailed information about the logins.


From the detailed overview you can see which users have taken which licenses. You can also see who is currently connected.


Remember that the license model is per named user, i.e. a license is taken whenever a new user logs on to the TARGIT Decision Suite.

Eventually you may run out of available licenses. The solution might be to buy more licenses, but before you order more licenses you might use the detailed logins overview to determine whether obsolete users, e.g. ex-employees, are unnecessarily taking up some of the available licenses. Such ‘outdated’ users should simply be deleted, which will result in freeing up the taken licenses.

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  • Hello,

    In Targit 2021 build 19280 I don't see any connected users in the logins section, but I am currently in Targit anywhere. Is this changed in 2021? You don't have to logoff anymore right (this was the case in 2017).



  • Hi Frank,

    In the Rights section, your username is probably a member of the 'Designer' group. So, in 'Connected users', you will always appear as a Designer user - even if you are only logged into the Anywhere client.

    If you have a user that is only a Consumer user, this user will appear in 'Consumer' section of the login overview.

    Here, one user is currently connected as a Consumer user:

    That single user is the 'NewUser', as seen here:

    Also, notice that the 'SYS' user has been logged into all three clients at some point.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks Ole.

    Maybe something wrong with the connection because I don't see online users. 

    What could be the cause?


  • Ah - you don't see online users. And you expected some of these users to be online? I think I get it now. :-)

    Not sure what that might be. Will investigate though.

  • Hi Frank,

    I managed to collect some additional information.

    You are right. With the 2021 version we have changed how users are connecting to the server via their clients. Everything is now http connections. This doesn't have any noticeable effect to the end-user (except that they no longer need to be instructed to log off from the Anywhere client - as you mentioned).

    The downside is that we no longer know if a user is connected (has an open client). A user is only connected when an activity is detected - such as opening a document or changing criteria - after which the connection is immediately closed ... until next activity etc.

    So, the only "true" information you can get from the Logins overview now, is the information about 'Last activity'.

    In a future release, we will probably change the Logins overview to reflect this in a better way.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks Ole! That makes sense. Then I can also explain why our 2021 usage reporting report isn't working. I know you have the Insight option now, but I want to see how that works within the existing configuration first. We are using a table called TARGIT_LOG, but this table does not provide data from Targit 2021. Do you know?


  • Found it!

    Had to activate the Log Analysis in Targit Management. See below. 



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