TARGIT Management - Splash screen

Splash screen

In TARGIT Management you can set up a user defined splash screen that will allow you to share information with all your end users on all platforms.

Pick setup from the general TARGIT Management menu, and then choose Front-end.



In the middle section of Front-End properties you find the control for splash screen setup.



Display may be set to:

  • Disabled - meaning no splash screen is presented
  • Default - meaning the TARGIT default splash screen is presented
  • Custom - meaning you are referring to a URL that provides the end users with information that you control

Information on how to use the Splash screen settings are displayed when hovering the i to the right of the field.



The URL for the custom website to display may be entered. (in the example above set to https://www.targit.com

Menu name:

The name of the Menu item that reopens the splash screen may be entered.

Enforce display in clients:

If the display of the splash screen should be enforced, a check-mark may be set. 
If this checkmark is not set, TARGIT will not show splash screen to those who have chosen "Do not show this again" on splash screen.


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