Database Server (tiServer.exe)

TARGIT InMemory Database Server is run automatically on installation and subsequently on system reboot. It is possible to start and stop TARGIT InMemory Database Server with the following command-line commands:

  • net stop "tiServer"
  • net start "tiServer"
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  • Svarer dette til at trykke på "restart server" inde fra targit management

  • No. They are two different servers.

    The "tiServer" is the server running TARGIT's InMemory Database Server (if installed).

    When you press "Restart server" from within the TARGIT Management client, you are restarting the "antserver" - which in daily speak is commonly referred to as the "TARGIT Server".

    The TARGIT Server / antserver can be restarted from a Command prompt like this:

    > net stop antserver
    > net start antserver

    BR / Ole


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