TARGIT SSIS InMemory Custom Import Task

As an alternative to building and loading the targitdb into memory using the command promt the TARGIT
SSIS InMemory Import Custom Task can be used and is described below:

Point to the script (.imp) file and input your InMemory Database password and the task will take care of the rest. The task will build the targitdb file based on the script file and copy it to the TARGIT InMemoryDB folder (default: C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemoryDB\Data).

Keep in mind that while data is being prepared for the targitdb file its being loaded into memory by the
tiImport program. If you are not unloading the existing version of the InMemory database you need to have enough memory told hold 2 copies of the datasets in Memory. If not you will need to run the tiload /unload script to remove the current version from memory before loading a new version of the InMemory database.

To ensure data is unloaded from memory before creating a new targitdb file when using the SSIS component just check the Unload database before run box from the SSIS task.

/*Upload into Memory*/ 
"C:\Program Files\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemoryDB\tiLoad.exe" database=inmemoryMAC;pwd=password

/* Create targitDB */
"C:\Program Files\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemoryDB\tiImport.exe" c:\path_to_impfile\my_import.imp

/* Move targitDB to the TARGIT Folder */
copy c:\path_to_impfile\my_import.targitdb "c:\programdata\targit\targit InMemoryDB\data\"
"C:\Program Files\TARGIT\TARGIT InMemoryDB\tiLoad.exe" database=my_import;pwd=password /reload

Note: the password that is being used is the one entered during the installation.
Running the update from an SSIS Package via (SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014)

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