Multi-page reports

A Report Layout may contain multiple pages with different layout and different content on each page. Pages can be of different sizes and formats.

A report is not limited to just a single page design with a potential Repeater page associated with it.

In fact, you can add and design as many individual pages in a report as you like.

When working with multi page reports, you have a lot of freedom with regard to individual page designs:

  • Each page can be designed totally independent from the other pages.
  • Any potential custom repeater page can be designed individually.
  • Objects, from the Object list, can be re-used and centrally administrated across several pages. Unlink an object, if it needs to be treated individually on a specific page.
  • Data on different pages can be based on different cubes. (Actually, even objects on the same page may be created from different cubes).
  • Iterations can span a single page (plus its repeater page), or it can span multiple pages (plus their repeater pages).

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  • Hi Karl,

    The PDF output cannot span pages horizontally, only vertically.

    So, yes, use landscape format... potentially on a very wide paper/canvas size... reduce font size to reduce column widths.

    PS: The Privacy setting is on purpose.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole!

    This Vimeo video is showing as private for me, just FYI.

    I have had success in creating report layouts that have lots of rows.  When "printing" to PDF, the report spans multiple pages as expected to show all of the rows.

    What is the best practice for doing this when a crosstab has a lot of columns?  For example, crosstabs that require left to right scrolling when looking at it in dashboard view.  Is there a way to make the PDF output multiple pages for horizontally long crosstabs, or do I just need to create a really wide "paper" size?


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