KPI objects - video guide

In general, a KPI object is an object suitable for displaying high level, current values of important measures.

While focus is on the measure value itself, proper use of additional text, images and color could further support the presentation of the value.

A KPI object is limited to a maximum of three measures. However, if more are needed, you would simply insert as many KPI objects to your analysis as you need.

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  • Hi Ole, 

    Great video. I would like to implement the larst part where the KPI by using the value color gets the feature from the color agent. However i can not get it to work. 

    So the color agent works fine on my table, but when i turn the object into a KPI the value color shows the color assigned to the value. And if i remove the assigned color the KPI value dissapearse entirely.

    Is there somthing i am overlooking? :) 

  • Hi Ulrikke,

    It is important that your color agent for this type of coloring is using the agent type 'Default' or  'Color element'.

    Maybe you used on of the other types? 'Icon', 'Gauge', 'Background', 'Text'? None of these will work for coloring images and values in a KPI.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole, 

    That was exacly the case! Thanks you so much for the quick response :) 


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