Crosstab Autofit, tutorial video

Crosstabs columns can be stretched to fit the size of crosstab object box.

        You have three options for Autofitting:

    • Autofit (stretches all columns equally)
    • Autofit dimensions (stretches dimension columns while preserving measure column widths)
    • Autofit measures (stretches measure columns while preserving dimension column widths)

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  • Hi Ole, 

    Is there a possibility to enter a specific column width instead of dragging the column width. Just like resizing a cross table at the bottom right of the screen.


  • Hi Frank,

    No. You can't do that. You can only resize columns by dragging or by using the Autofit option.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    How can I deselect autofit again? If I manually drag column width after using autofit feature, the other columns will keep adjusting in size as well. Is there a way to return to default non-autofit mode? 



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