Criteria range with Custom values

Now you can set up criteria as a dimension member range on hypothetical, non-existing dimension members. E.g. you could set up a criteria with an Account dimension member range from account number 8000 to account number 8999.

At the time of setting up the criteria, the account numbers '8000' and '8999' did not exist in your system, but you could anyway insert them as custom values. As you, in your accounting system, add more accounts in the range 8000 to 8999, they would automatically be picked up by this criteria range.

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  • I'm not able to select Custom Values. I will only see the list by default ... ? Is something changed or is there a simple reason for this ?

  • Hi Michael,

    Your dimension members must be text or strings.

    If your dimension members are e.g., dates og integers, you will not be able to select Custom Values.

    BR / Ole

  • Hello:

    Is it possible to create custom values that use a wildcard? For example, I am trying to display all business units that end in "OR". This should include 00.OR and 01.OR, but not 00.XX.



  • Hi there,

    Is there anyway we can create a custom criteria with constant value but changeable?

    Example: ETA (days) with default value 5.

    Thanks you. :-)

  • Hi Peter,

    You may create a User Dimension with a single member where ETA=5.

    This user dimension, with the single member selected as a criteria, can be used as a global or local filter in as many dashboards as you like.

    At any point you can centrally edit your User Dimension, e.g., change to ETA=10. Then this change will be applied to all dashboards where the user dimension has been used as filter.

    See this Tips & Tricks article/video:

    BR / Ole


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