TARGIT BI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC - Cloud

The TARGIT extension for D365BC Cloud adds a data extraction web service to cloud based D365BC tenants to enable data extraction capability.


Available for SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Editions of BI Accelerator for Dynamics 365 BC. SQL Server versions 2012 through 2019 are supported.

Adding the TARGIT extension to Dynamics 365 BC

Data extraction from 365 BC to SQL Server is done using a web service implemented as a Dynamics 365 BC Extension combined with custom SSIS tasks developed by TARGIT. Installation of the Extension and the necessary user setup is demonstrated in the video below. The Extension currently uses codeunit 50101. If this codeunit has been otherwise utilized by other updates to your BC installation, please contact TARGIT for assistance.

When the extension (.app file) has been successfully installed and a web service access key has been generated for a user account, a connection can be made to BC using Accelerator and/or using SQL Server Integration Services custom tasks. The two additional video demos below show how to enter the necessary information to establish connection and extract data in each case.


The use of TARGIT for Dynamics 365 BC (cloud) is currently licensed as part of BI Accelerator. This means that a valid TARGIT license containing at least one business area for TARGIT BI Accelerator for Dynamics BC is required. The license must be set up at a TARGIT Server available for connection from BI Accelerator or the TARGIT SSIS Connection Manager.

Login details

Web service URL

The web service URL is the common access point for accessing BC. Currently, the URL is http://api.businesscentral.dynamics.com/v1.0. The URL may change with future updates of BC or the TARGIT Extension web service.


The tenant identifies the unique account used for Dynamics 365 BC. The tenant ID can be found in the Help & Support section of your Dynamics 365 environment.


The name of Dynamics 365 BC company in the tenant. Company name(s) must be entered exactly as named in BC.

User Name

The BC user account.

Web Service Access Key

Note: Web Service Access Key has been deprecated. See comments for alternative oauth access methods.

The web service access key is generated from the user administration interface in BC and relates to a specific user account.

Record Batch Size (SSIS only)

The Record Batch Size specifies the number of transactions extracted in each batch when running the SSIS package. Changing the batch size has impact on performance. Typically, a batch size between 10000 and 30000 is recommended. BI Accelerator defaults the batch size automatically, currently at 30000 transactions.

TARGIT Server (SSIS only)

The TARGIT Server is the machine name or IP where the TARGIT Server is running. The TARGIT Server needs to be healthy and the licensing information current and valid for the data extraction to run.


When using BI Accelerator, separate download of the SSIS tasks is not necessary as BI Accelerator will automatically add the components during configuration.

TARGIT Web Service Extension for Dynamics 365 BC (.app)

TARGIT SSIS Data Reader for Dynamics 365 BC - SQL Server 2012

TARGIT SSIS Data Reader for Dynamics 365 BC - SQL Server 2014

TARGIT SSIS Data Reader for Dynamics 365 BC - SQL Server 2016

TARGIT SSIS Data Reader for Dynamics 365 BC - SQL Server 2017

TARGIT SSIS Data Reader for Dynamics 365 BC - SQL Server 2019

TARGIT BI Accelerator for Dynamics BC / NAV

Contacting TARGIT

If you have questions, issues or other feedback, please write us at bia@targit.com or contact our Account Management or Support teams for assistance.

Video demos

Video demo 1: Adding the TARGIT extension to Dynamics 365 BC


Video demo 2: Connecting using TARGIT BI Accelerator


Video demo 3: Connecting using SQL Server Integration Services


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