Highlight Empty Cells

Most TARGIT Designers have experienced this: You want to highlight rows or columns or individual cells on with an agent with a specific rule - but, unfortunately, the impression is more or less ruined because blank or empty cells seem to not follow this rule.

The trick is to "duplicate" the cells. Rather than being blank, the duplicated cells will now contain a value (zero) - and that is all that is required for an agent to actually work on that cell.

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  • Great tip - thanks Ole!

  • This is helpful. 

    But another Question, regarding such a calender, is how to visualize cells that have no value in ALL rows (Like in the example of your video). What, if NO Salesperson has a Value for July? The result is, that it is also complete unvisible and you have a lag in your calender view. I tried with "new Row Calculation an set a 1 as value, but no access.

    What I did: I have measures like "number of days" or "number of months". I added this, because it has always a value and hided it in the visibility options.

    Is there another way, if your Measures don't have such a Measure which is "always present"?

    BR Marc

  • Hi Marc,

    The solution you described is probably the one I would suggest as well.

    Another alternative is to enable "Show empty members" (right click, Data). The downside of this approach is that it will enable empty members for all dimensions in the crosstab. In my example, not only empty months will be shown, but also empty salespersons will be shown. However, the latter may then be hidden by a visibility agent.

    BR / Ole


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