Swap graphs with button clicks - video guide

Here is a small guide on how you can display one graph in a dashboard, and when clicking a button the graph is replaced by another graph.

The example is a line graph showing accumulated data for all locations, and when button is clicked it is replaced with a graph showing multiple lines for multiple locations.

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  • Hi Ole,

    This is an amazing Workaround ;-) 

    It would be pretty nice if a button-frame-function and a trigger-function to make an object invisible replace this.

  • Hey Ole,

    A while ago I posted about this on the communities and you responded fairly quick with the above answer which I have been using for a while now and works perfect. However I am now running into limitations of the functionalities of this workaround. The main limitation is the button removing all criteria with the "update global criteria" function. When I have criteria selected I want these to be active after clicking the button and switching views again. Do you know if there is the possibility for this with the current workaround? 

  • Hi Glenn,

    I am kind of "abusing" the 'replace global criteria' trigger option to achieve the shown functionality.

    Of course, you can add even more specific local criteria to the click-buttons, but they will still be "hard-coded" and will not be able to respect any user criteria that may have been applied after the document has been opened.

    So, yes, it does have its limitations.

    BR / Ole


  • Hi Ole, great video :)

    but even though I copy your method on my data 1:1, it wont work. i have found that the problem happens in the button part. When i click at the button the criterias dont apply, meaning that my graph stay hidden? have you seen this problem before? do you have a possible solution.

    best regards Tobias


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