Measure selector

Basic use

The measure selector offers great flexibility when building a TARGIT dashboard.

It’s added by right clicking in the criteria bar and choosing Add measure selector:


The mearsure selector offers you the option to replace a certain measure in all objects of an analysis.
You can also define which measures you potentially can swap between.
It works on all platformswindows client, browser and mobile app.

Here’s an example.

This dashboard has 5 objects showing revenue numbers (and a measure selector currently showing the selected measure Revenue)



If you use the drop-down – you will get a full list of available measures – in this case we pick Profit


Now every object has replaced Revenue with Profit – and you have a different perspective.mceclip3.png


Remember to configure the measure selector

You should  always work with properties on the measure selector to ensure that only relevant measures can be chosen by the end-user.

Also – if you don’t configure the measure selector at all – it will not appear in the browser client or on mobile devices.

To configure the measure selector – right click on it and choose properties:


In this dialogue you can choose which measures should be included in the measure selector – and change the leading text from measure selector to something more user friendly.

(in this case Revenue, Profit and Profit Margin have been chosen – and the leading text changed to “Pick your KPI:”




Now the measure selector will present itself like this in the Windows client:

Notice in the Windows Client you can still select other… meaning all the other measures in the data model.

In the Anywhere client and on mobile devices you will not have the Select other… option, it will look like this:


Final remarks

  • With the measure selector you can offer your end users the flexibility of one dashboard that covers 3-4 different measures (and you only have to maintain one dashboard).

  • As a developer the measure selector can also come in handy – when you develop dashboards that are similar but based on different measures, you can also quickly replace the measure in a number of objects and save the dashboard with a different name.

Have fun with the measure selector!


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  • Hi Niels,

    This is a really great tip! Saves a lot of time making almost identical dashboards where I only changed the measure.

    In some situations, however, I would like to add or limit the number of measures instead of replacing a measure with another. 
    For example in this graph I have 3 different measures as default but I would like to show only one of the measures using a filter/measure selector. 

    Am I overlooking the possibility of doing that either with the measure selector or any other way?

  • I have created a cross tab and incorporated gross profit and sales quantity as metrics. However, when creating a measure selector and choosing one of the two options I have included, it does not change. Instead, it consistently displays both of the aforementioned options, rather than just the selected one. What could i possibly doing wrong as i followed all of the above steps?



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