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From TARGIT 2022 Spring

TARGIT' demo data has moved away from Demo Data installed on the local server to Demo Data installed in the cloud.

If TARGIT decides to update the cloud based Demo database or documents, these changes will automatically reflect, with a slight delay, in the customers TARGIT installation.

Enable/Disable Demo Data

TARGIT Demo Data can be enabled during installation, or subsequently as a setting in the TARGIT Management client.

When enabling TARGIT Demo Data, a connection is made to the cloud based InMemory Demo database. Furthermore, documents (dashboards, reports etc.) will be downloaded and added to a Demo Data folder that is directly accessible from the Start/Open menu.

The online Demo Data can be enabled or disabled as a Cloud function in Setup in the TARGIT Management client:


Note: If your TARGIT server is running on a laptop - e.g., for training or for demo purposes - you may experience that Online Demo Data is not immediately available after a restart or after wake up from hibernation. Usually, Online Demo Data will become available 2-3 minutes after restart or wake up.
The same is true if a restart is required on a Server based TARGIT installation.
To establish quicker access to Online Demo Data after restart or wake up, you may open the Cloud Functions in the TARGIT Management client. Simply opening this dialog and clicking 'OK' will force Online Demo Data to be reconnected.

DemoData folder

When opening Demo Data documents - dashboards, reports, slideshows etc. - these documents are located in a unique DemoData folder:


The folder is a read-only folder: You may open and modify any of these documents, but changes must be saved in the Shared folder, to your Personal folder or to a file location.

If TARGIT decides to add new documents to the cloud based repository - or even to modify any of the cloud based documents - these additions or modifications will automatically reflect in your DemoData folder.



The IP addresses that these domain names resolve to don't necessarily fall within any given address range since this is a dynamic cloud solution.

  • The online demo data will always be made compliant with the latest release of the TARGIT Decision Suite - i.e., when a new version of TARGIT is released, there is no guarantee that online demo data will still work on older versions.
  • Due to technology shift (.NET 6), the "old" Demo Data local cube files are no longer supported by Microsoft.

In case you for any reason will never be able to connect to the online demo data, you can read these article about how to install offline demo data:

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  • Hi TARGIT team and Ole Dyring

    I just talked to our firewall admin and he said that for Port 5060 there was another host with the IP try to connect. Could you check and maybe add the https address in the list above?

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi Thomas and Jette,

    Good news. I have come up with a solution on how to get access to Offline demo data:

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole,

    summer vacation time is over and I would like to ask you for an update ...

    Best regards


  • Hi Thomas,

    That is correct. That is the nature of Online Demodata.

    However, you made me think - so I might come up with something you can use in an offline situation.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks Ole!
    I'm Sure you have an great idea

  • Hi Ole,

    so this means, if you are running a presentation and you don't have Internet Access, it's not possible to work with the demodata?


  • Hi Ole,

    I would like to know if there is an alternative to Online Demodata? 

    We have some troubles with firewalls etc. in Targit Online Demodata.


    BR / Jette


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