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TARGIT 2022 Spring

Data Discovery can be set up to run as an external service.

This is only relevant if Data Discovery is supposed to run on in a domain different from the TARGIT server's domain. If you install Data Discovery on the same server as the TARGIT server, or on a server in the same domain as the TARGIT server, you don't need to run Data Discovery as an external service.


TARGIT Server settings

On the TARGIT server, you can start the Management client and go to Service accounts to right click and add a Data Discovery Service account:


The account will auto-generate a number os security keys as well as a Connection string. You will need this connection string when you afterwards install Data Discovery on a remote (external) server.



External Data Discovery server installation

During installation of Data Discovery on the remote/external server, you should change the default settings for the Data Discovery installation:


On the 'TARGIT Server' tab, you should disable the default settings and paste the copied connection string as a Remote connection string:



The Data Service connection

If you look at the Data Service connection in the Management client on the TARGIT Server, you want to make sure that the connection is using one of the keys from Data Discovery service account:



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