Upcoming release: 2022 Spring Update 3

Note: All information on this page is 'Subject to change'. The information you see here is TARGIT's best guess on what we expect to include in this release. However, there is no guarantee that all - or any - of these issues will actually be included in this release.

Expected release date: 22nd June 2022 (subject to change)


Expected bug fixes (subject to change):

  • TARGIT crashes when renaming document folders
  • Anywhere URL in TARGIT Management breaks link in schedule mail
  • Bookmarks display red icon in Windows client making them appear to be broken
  • Slideshow not shown/started in Cloud
  • Big Roles.xml file causes very slow performance in login and load of documents
  • Border styling shown even when HideIfEmpty is set
  • Display Designer warning when documents older than 2019 are opened
  • Rights impacted by another user logging onto Anywhere
  • REST endpoint to update the license
  • Bar chart axis line not shown correct
  • Triggering gives error message
  • Load "Simple objects" without sending additional requests
  • TDS-6046 Display warning when documents older than 2019 are opened
  • Issue with Schedule Service causing ETL failures in Targit 2022 Update 2
  • Data source in google trends unavailable
  • Improve performance for big installations
  • Some file streams are not being closed in Data Discovery
  • The system can not find the file DocumentFormat.OpenXml
  • DS: Possible memory leak or statistics ?
  • DS: Test gateway
  • DS: Performance issues in linux docker
  • DPDYNAMICSBC: Implement provider for v2.0 API
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