Upcoming release: 2022 Spring Update 4

Note: All information on this page is 'Subject to change'. The information you see here is TARGIT's best guess on what we expect to include in this release. However, there is no guarantee that all - or any - of these issues will actually be included in this release.

Expected release date: 31st August 2022 (subject to change)


Expected bug fixes (subject to change):

  • Data Discovery connection string set to localhost.
  • Wrong German translation
  • Setting criteria in User Dimensions should not allow you to select shared user dimensions
  • Some Online DemoData have not been updated/saved in newer vers.
  • Error in chart object
  • Frontpage: Object that is filtered 'out' of the list will still be selected.
  • Missing/wrong German Translations in TARGIT 2022
  • 'Go to original location' doesn't do anything
  • Unable to render chart on fixed axis
  • ClientLauncher ignores SSL when updating itself
  • "Data Discovery" is named "Data Service" in several places in translation file
  • DDGT: Google trends fail with 401 error
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