Custom values for plot lines in Bubble/Scatter chart

[Version: 2022 - Winter]
[Build: 22.11.29002] 

In Bubble charts and Scatter charts you can now add custom plot lines to your chart:

  • Horizontal plot line
  • Vertical plot line


This can be useful if you need to create intersection lines that are different from the built-in average lines.

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  • This helps, but it would be nice to color the background of the quadrants in different colors.


    left top = green

    left bottom = yellow

    right top = orange

    right bottom = red

    this in order to signal what quadrant is to watch for and what quandrant is most desired.

    As the quadrant intersection differs per selection, I cannot add 4 fixed shape boxes with different colors as the size of the box differs with each selection.


    I do have the bubbles colored, but with background color of axes, it displays the visual better how far in the quadrant the bubble is.

  • Hi Femke,

    I can see the value from what you are suggesting.

    Please post it as a Feature request over here:

    BR / Ole


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