2022 Winter (Released 2022-12-1)

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PB-106Increase time out for clients to increase chance of keeping connection to serverReleased  Users often experience that they loose the connection to the server from the Windows client. This is because their access token used to authorize them expires and cannot be renewed because there is no connection to the server often because the computer enters sleep mode.     
PB-25Customizable 'No Data' messageReleased  Improve end-users' understanding of why no data is available - Write your own text.  Customisable 'No Data'  
PB-125Updating Data Discovery user interfaceReleased  To make the Data Discovery user interface match the existing and well known user interface in the rest of the TARGIT Decision Suite and also make the user experience more smooth and efficient, significant changes are made to the user interface and smaller new features and improvements are made.  https://www.figma.com/file/uWdyTvfE9IAz0oWPXHKYdi/Data-Discovery?node-id=0%3A1  
PB-104Required Criteria to work with OR: Show data if Dim1 OR Dim2Released  More Flexible filter requirements setup for conditioned display of large data sets     
PB-117Copy Scheduled JobsReleased  Copy an existing scheduled job and create a new based on this.  Copy scheduled job  
PB-116Exporting to Excel without the formattingReleased  Unformatted export of excel data     
PB-114Multiselect jobs in scheduled jobs overviewReleased  Select and execute multiple jobs simultaneously  Multiselect of jobs  
PB-113Scheduled Export to PowerPointReleased  New option for scheduling dashboards and reports to PP     
PB-112Repeat Dimension option when triggering – export to excelReleased  Improved export to excel - Dimension repetition is an option now     
PB-110Improvemements to Bubble chartsReleased  More customizable bubblecharts for customer specific usage.     
PB-109DM Editor: Add Description field on Measures and CalculationsReleased  Improve our Data Modeling description capabilities     
PB-108Folders in TARGIT Data DiscoveryReleased  Introduce the ability to store datasources and cubes in designated folders for much better overview  Screenshots of Beta  
PB-107Multiple public addresses to be used by TARGIT serverReleased  Allow "isolation" of OpenID providers in an Enterprise setup with multiple providers.     
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