2021 Summer (Released 2021-08-26)

Expected Release
Expected Release
Elevator PitchReleased to CloudDocumentation
Option to lock an Anywhere instance to one identity providerReleased  Enable default selection of Identity Provider (OpenID)  
TIC (TARGIT Information Collector)Released  Automate and align collection of critical support information.  
Schedule to Zapier / automation servicesReleased  
Support data driven extended workflow by integrating with Zapier / other automation services.
iFrame design object to display a web page in a dashboardReleased  New iFrame object to display a web URL in a dashboard  
Generic data driver (e.g. JavaScript, ADO.NET) approach to Rest API'sReleased  Offer "generic" java based platform for REST-API providers.  
Native DAX SupportReleased  Enable that the TARGIT Server uses DAX for querying against Tabular solutions  
Reports local criteria on page objectReleased  Enable a reports different sections can be filtered differently.  
Link to open document in Anywhere client (Scheduled jobs, Delivery tab, Email)Released  In a scheduled job (email) there should be an option to include "Link to open document with Anywhere client".  
Separate TARGIT Client from TARGIT ServerReleased  Release client versions without risk  
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