2021 Summer (Released 2021-08-26)

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Expected Release
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PB-83Option to lock an Anywhere instance to one identity providerReleased  Enable default selection of Identity Provider (OpenID)      
PB-81TIC (TARGIT Information Collector)Released  Automate and align collection of critical support information.      
PB-74Schedule to Zapier / automation servicesReleased  
Support data driven extended workflow by integrating with Zapier / other automation services.
PB-61iFrame design object to display a web page in a dashboardReleased  New iFrame object to display a web URL in a dashboard      
PB-51Generic data driver (e.g. JavaScript, ADO.NET) approach to Rest API'sReleased  Offer "generic" java based platform for REST-API providers.      
PB-28Native DAX SupportReleased  Enable that the TARGIT Server uses DAX for querying against Tabular solutions      
PB-27Reports local criteria on page objectReleased  Enable a reports different sections can be filtered differently.      
PB-23Link to open document in Anywhere client (Scheduled jobs, Delivery tab, Email)Released  In a scheduled job (email) there should be an option to include "Link to open document with Anywhere client".      
PB-4Separate TARGIT Client from TARGIT ServerReleased  Release client versions without risk      
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