2022 Spring (Released 2022-08-29)

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PB-56Assign multiple reports to one scheduled jobReleased  Our new report engine should support something similar to report collections from classic reports      
PB-73Scheduled jobs that can be subscribed toReleased  Designer/admin creates job that users can choose to "subscribe" to instead of defining an "audience".      
PB-67New Visual ObjectsReleased  We should offer more variations in terms of graphtypes - specifically Speedometers, Treemaps      
PB-89DAX, handling of subtotalsReleased  Subtotals are part of DAX queries no matter if they are enabled in the client or not. This causes a performance decrease, specifically on objects with nested dimensions.      
PB-40Parametric Roles without Open-IDReleased  The 2021 offering of Parametric Roles should be further developed to support Windows Security and not depend on Open-ID integration.      
PB-92Use VFS folder as export foldersReleased  Enable security for published content      
PB-93Border and padding supportReleased  Dramatically simplify complex dashboard creation      
PB-94Online Demo DataReleased  To add flexibility to the way we handle demo data, we want to move them to the cloud. This makes it much easier to fix any issues with it and in general make changes at any given time.      
PB-71BigQuery connector support for partitioned tablesReleased  Reduce Biq Query cost by appplying the ability to query partitioned tables (not supported today)      
PB-86Option to ignore rendering of objects in dashboards and reportsReleased  Allow users with different access rights to open dashboards with data from different data sources without having to react to restrictive messages,      
PB-49Option to disable Windows and Standard security to only use OpenIDReleased  Allow sys admins to force users to use the organizations OpenID and two-factor authentication      
PB-69Data Discovery as 'external' serviceReleased  Enable Data Discovery to run separate from TARGIT Server.      
PB-85App on salesforce appexchange that allows for easy embedding in lightningReleased  Drag & Drop embedding of TARGIT in SalesForce      
PB-90Remove dependency on level naming in TARGITs Global dimensions featureReleased  Currently global dimensions won't work properly when the levels of the dimensions in question have different names.      
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