Icons (and images) for the TARGIT Portal

The use of icons can serve multiple purposes.

It could be for: 

  • Navigation (back, forward, help, export, details etc.)

  •  KPI icons - often supported by text

  • Icons (and images) for other purposes


Navigation Icons

TARGIT comes with a number of icons built into the menu feature and can be seen in the dialogue of the menu feature:


You can use your own icons instead if you like - the ones below are in the attached package - free to download if you wish:





KPI Icons

KPI Icons can support the message and improve the visual impression of a dashboard. 
Since dashboards often are using for presentations and branding, this is important.

Here's an example of a dashboard that consists of KPIs with icons and supporting text:


Note: If you removed the supporting text, you wouldn't be able to understand what the KPI's are showing - using icons alone requires a shared understanding in the organization, most of the time you need to support the icon with an explanation.


Other icons (and images)

The logo of the organization is an example of an image that probably needs to be integrated in your portal.

With all images, the preferred format will be SVG for scaling purposes, but if you only have a PNG (or even JPG) version of the logo that's ok.

Notice that there are 2 (or maybe 3) ways of adding images in TARGIT - int he Design ribbon you have the Image button and the Text box button, which both can be used for this purpose.



The image button gives you 2 options:



Add from file

Add from file (the first option) will integrate your image as part of the document

This option is the "old way", and it will be quite cumbersome to replace e.g. a logo if you use this method. You will in fact have to visit every document you've created and replace the logo manually.

If - for some reason - you have to use this method, make sure that the image is quite compressed and optimized the same way you would for a website.


Insert a URL

Insert a URL that points to the location of the image is the second option of the dialogue.

This option will make it much easier to maintain if you e.g. get a new logo in your organization. 
You will just replace the image one time at it's location - and all the URLs will now point to the image/logo.


Insert an image through the text box

The image can be added as part of a layout template where you can add from file or use the URL method.

The 3 layout templates marked up below support images in text boxes.



You can also add a background image in a text box. This has to be by adding from file.



What to choose?

The Text Box can hold text (static and dynamic) which makes it a much more complex object than just the image.

For simply adding images - just use the image button.

Menus are built from textboxes saved as templates - so if you want images in your menus, you have to go with the textbox option.




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  • Hi, 

    Is it possible to change the color of the SVG files from the attached Zip file in Targit? 

    And if this is the case. How do you do this?

    - Christoffer 

  • Hi, an easy way to change the color:

    • Open svg file with Notepad
    • change the exiting color HEX code to your colors (the hex starts with #)




  • I have some trouble with my import of an image file.

    Whenever text is included in my image, it seems to get blurred quite a lot in Tarigt. Is there a fix to this, so my imported images is always high res?

  • Hi Lasse, maybe you can try it with another size (megabytes) of your image file.

  • Hi Marlene.
    I have tried:
    - Increasing the resolution with the same aspect ratio
    - Using jpeg, png, bmp
    - Importing the photo normally and in a textbox in Targit.

    Nothing seems to work.

  • Have you tried the other way around and used a smaller file size?

    I can imagine TARGIT is trying to compress a very large file on its own and so it's becoming blurry.

  • I'm not sure how to do that. Any suggestions?


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