Change Log (Cloud)

Upcoming Release (Expected 7th of February 2023)

This is the preliminary issues that is expected to be included in the next release. Content is subject to change.

TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
Windows clientRagged Hierarchy Depth Column Does Not Work With Global Calculations 


24th of January 2023

TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
ServerLogging of response times in milliseconds in auxiliary database
To get the durations in milliseconds, the TARGIT_LOG table needs to have a REQMSECS column. It will automatically create that one if the TARGIT_LOG table does not exist in the auxiliary database.
The TARGIT Server will not attempt to modify an existing TARGIT_LOG table. If you have an old TARGIT_LOG table, it will continue logging the duration in seconds in the REQSECONDS column.
It also supports having both REQSECONDS and REQMSECS columns in the table.
ServerROLAP: simplify >, <, >= and <= criterias
If there is a criteria using <, >, <= or >=, the ROLAP engine will always do something like this (example Time > 2020 Q1):
(YEAR > 2020) OR (YEAR = 2020 AND QUARTER > 2020Q1)
Regardless of the status of the quarter level. The query gets increasingly complicated the more levels there are in the hierarchy. If the hierarchy is a natural hierarchy - or the quarter level is defined as unique, you can skip the year part and just write:
QUARTER > 2020Q1
If a sort column is involved, you should not do it because even if the hierarchy is configured as a natural hierachy, you cannot be 100% sure that the sort column is unique as well.
Windows clientTARGIT server expose sensitive endpoint
By default the TARGIT server would expose sensitive endpoint. Now if you want to enable the metrics endpoint on-premises, you have to enabled it in appsettings.json by adding:
"PrometheusMetrics": {
"Enabled": true
Windows clientTARGIT crashes in shared user dimensions dialogTARGIT no longer crashes when pressing OK button several times fast after each other.
ServerTARGIT server will go into maintenance mode when running a Schedule job on the 28thA job scheduled to run on the 28th of a month specifically causes the TARGIT Server to enter maintenance mode.
Windows clientScheduled job - deleting a job that is running, crashes TARGIT 
Windows clientScheduled jobs - listing changes after editing a jobEditing a scheduled job, sends the job to the end of the list - that means that the sorting of the jobs changes.
Windows clientScheduled job and log does not display same date/time formatScheduled job and log now displays same date/time format
Windows client"Designed for" not default enabled on Dashboard 
Windows clientTabular: “Missing member” in global criteriaImproved the criteria request measures decoration editor to have simple/advanced modes, where simple is how the decoration behaved previously. You need to disable the troublesome measures in the decorations editor.
Windows client"Next run" column missing in Scheduled Jobs overview"Next run" column have been added to the Scheduled Jobs overview
ManagementQuery from Data Modeler in Preview Table gets a blank result 
Windows clientScheduled jobs - Log and Latest result are misalignedThe list of scheduled jobs is now also checking for running job.
Windows clientGray out Bookmarks functionWhen creating a new analyze the "Bookmark" button is grayed out and not an option in the right-click menu.
Windows clientColor Agents on user dimension member shows xmlui error if member name is changed
When opening an agent based on a user dimension member, where member name has been changed an xmlui error is displayed.
Windows clientNull in stylename no longer makes dashboards crash 
ManagementError moving tabs in data modelWhen moving tabs in data model editor, it does not crash anymore.
Windows clientUser Dimension is now translated to German 
Windows clientWhen mapping a member to a point decimals aren't acceptedIn an area map when mapping members to a point, decimals are now accepted, which is consistent with the definition of map edges.



28th of November 2022


TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
AnywhereWrong Norwegian translation in Anywhere
In Anywhere is "Share" translated "Slett" in Norwegian
The right word is "Dele"
AnywhereDynamic Content: Cube, Date or Time in Crosstab Title Breaks Drill Down
Including Cube Processed Date and / or Time dynamic content in the title of a crosstab it causes drill down to freeze in the Anywhere client; drill down will still work in the Windows Client.
Other dynamic content, including the Cube Name, does not seem to cause the problem.
ServerInvalid variant type error in ROLAP queriesThe problem was fixed by always requesting the columns from the top level down to the level of the criteria member - regardless of the fact that it might have some of that information already at hand.
Windows clientMissing German translation in 'Rendering criteria'"Hide Object if accessible" and "Show Error if accessible" is now translated to german.


18th of November 2022


TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
InsightsInsights shows Query failed opening Insights dashboardIn some circumstances opening a Insight dashboard query would fail


16th of November 2022


TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
ServerROLAP calculations are being changed to their xml-encoded counterparts when loading the data model again 
Windows clientPlus sign appears on repeater page when exporting a report 


14th of November 2022


TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
Windows clientChanges in menu will make menu empty 





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  • Next cloud release postponed to Jan 24th due to technical issues with the Cloud Clusters.

  • Changelog has been updated!

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