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Upcoming Release (Expected 6th of June 2023)

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ServerTARGIT Server hanging in cloud when checking for windows client update 


3rd of May 2023

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Server"Too many axes in answer" error in criteria requests through the data gatewayWhen connecting to on-prem data sources through the data gateway from TARGIT Cloud and empty members are fetched in the criteria bar, the dimension is empty and the error "Too many axes in answer" is logged.


2nd of May 2023

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ServerLogin using refresh tokens does not work with Windows SecurityData Discovery uses a refresh token to log on to the TARGIT Server when refreshing a data source from a .xview file. If the server is configured to use Windows Security, it did not work.
Windows clientEmail address for error notification is not saved in scheduled job list 
ServerCannot edit shared user dimension used in a crosstab notification agentIf using insights, adding notification agent to a user dimension will block editing the user dimension.


13th of April 2023

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ServerTARGIT Gateway Client - Performance improvementsPerformance has been improved when connecting to on-premise data through the TARGIT Gateway Client when running on a TARGIT Cloud solution. To benefit from this improvement the new TARGIT Gateway Client (build 547) must be downloaded from the TARGIT Control Panel and installed.
ServerMember cache does not take cube security into accountIf a SSAS cube has roles defined that restricts certain dimension members depending on the user - and using impersonation to connect to that database (i.e. Effective User), there is a member cache that does not take the user into account, so a hierarchy member discovered by a user that has access to this member will also be seen by a user with less access, causing the TARGIT Server to believe that the user has access to the member, but eventually failing at a later point - due to the user not having access to the hierarchy member.


3rd of April 2023

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ServerScheduled jobs do not respect forced criteriaForced criteria do not apply to scheduled jobs potentially causing a risk of more data being displayed than intended.


30th of March 2023

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ServerScheduled job failed: Non-interactive login script failedWhen authenticating through OpenID an issue would cause scheduled jobs to fail if the owner of the jobs has been logged in since last update.


29th of March 2023

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Windows clientRoles: Can't see existing and newly added members 


28th of March 2023

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ServerBetter support for OpenID Connect
OpenID users need to be able to schedule jobs without necessarily having to log in on a regular basis - this has been achieved by extending the login script options. Please refer to the TARGIT Community for further information on this.
In addition, the user lookup has been improved by using Microsoft Graph API.
ServerWhen logging in via an identity provider, the session expires after 2 hoursAfter 2 hours, user is met by an "access denied" when trying to continue, and has to close down Target Suite and start again.
Windows clientScheduled job without a schedule makes the joblist failThe scheduled jobs list cannot be opened if one of the jobs in the list is missing a schedule.


2nd of March 2023

This is the preliminary issues that is expected to be included in the next release. Content is subject to change.

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InsightsInsights inaccessibleFrom the 13th of February 3 PM CET until 14th of February 1:30 PM CET Insights was inaccessible due to wrong database configuration. When it was up again a restart or a wait of up to 24 hours was required.
Windows clientScheduled Job: Search for mail recipients not possible anymore 


2nd of February 2023

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Windows clientEnabling the Ragged Hierarchy Depth Column causes reports with Global Calculation to fail. 
Windows clientError when opening scheduled jobs dialogIn some cases when opening the scheduled jobs dialog an error is displayed: "One or more errors occurred. (Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)". We found this to be related to jobs being set up on a schedule according to cube processing.
ServerAnalysis Services: when reading the response from Analysis Services, the TARGIT Server can enter an infinite loop if the response is incorrect in some way 
Windows clientTARGIT crashes when double clicking on 'Source' in Scheduled Jobs list 


24th of January 2023

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ServerLogging of response times in milliseconds in auxiliary database
To get the durations in milliseconds, the TARGIT_LOG table needs to have a REQMSECS column. It will automatically create that one if the TARGIT_LOG table does not exist in the auxiliary database.
The TARGIT Server will not attempt to modify an existing TARGIT_LOG table. If you have an old TARGIT_LOG table, it will continue logging the duration in seconds in the REQSECONDS column.
It also supports having both REQSECONDS and REQMSECS columns in the table.
ServerROLAP: simplify >, <, >= and <= criterias
If there is a criteria using <, >, <= or >=, the ROLAP engine will always do something like this (example Time > 2020 Q1):
(YEAR > 2020) OR (YEAR = 2020 AND QUARTER > 2020Q1)
Regardless of the status of the quarter level. The query gets increasingly complicated the more levels there are in the hierarchy. If the hierarchy is a natural hierarchy - or the quarter level is defined as unique, you can skip the year part and just write:
QUARTER > 2020Q1
If a sort column is involved, you should not do it because even if the hierarchy is configured as a natural hierachy, you cannot be 100% sure that the sort column is unique as well.
ManagementError moving tabs in data modelWhen moving tabs in data model editor, it does not crash anymore.
Windows clientTabular: “Missing member” in global criteriaImproved the criteria request measures decoration editor to have simple/advanced modes, where simple is how the decoration behaved previously. You need to disable the troublesome measures in the decorations editor.
Windows clientTARGIT Client crashes when opening the Properties Dialogue for a TEXT BOX object and MENU object. 
Windows clientWhen creating or editing local and global criteria is User Dimension not translated to German. Userdimension = Benutzer Dimension 
Windows clientWhen mapping a member to a point decimals aren't acceptedIn an area map when mapping members to a point, decimals are now accepted, which is consistent with the definition of map edges.
Windows clientWhen creating a new analyze the "Bookmark" button is grayed out, but the option is still in the right-click menu.
Windows client"Next run" column missing in Scheduled Jobs overview"Next run" column have been added to the Scheduled Jobs overview
ManagementQuery from Data Modeler in Preview Table gets a blank result 
Windows clientScheduled jobs - Log and Latest result are misaligned if a job runs for a long time (> 5 minutes)The list of scheduled jobs is now also checking for running job.
ServerTARGIT server will go into maintenance mode when running a Schedule job on the 28thA job scheduled to run on the 28th of a month specifically causes the TARGIT Server to enter maintenance mode.
Windows clientScheduled job - deleting a job that is running, crashes TARGIT 
Windows client"Designed for" not default enabled on new Dashboard"Designed For" is now default set when creating a new Dashboard layout
Windows clientTARGIT crashes in shared user dimensions dialogTARGIT no longer crashes when pressing OK button several times fast after each other.
Windows clientScheduled jobs - listing changes after editing a jobEditing a scheduled job, sends the job to the end of the list - that means that the sorting of the jobs changes.
Windows clientScheduled job and log does not display same date/time format 
Windows clientColor Agents on user dimension member shows xmlui error if member name is changed
When opening an agent based on a user dimension member, where member name has been changed an xmlui error is displayed.



28th of November 2022


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Windows clientMissing German translation in 'Rendering criteria'"Hide Object if accessible" and "Show Error if accessible" is now translated to german.
ServerInvalid variant type error in ROLAP queriesThe problem was fixed by always requesting the columns from the top level down to the level of the criteria member - regardless of the fact that it might have some of that information already at hand.
AnywhereDynamic Content: Cube, Date or Time in Crosstab Title Breaks Drill Down
Including Cube Processed Date and / or Time dynamic content in the title of a crosstab it causes drill down to freeze in the Anywhere client; drill down will still work in the Windows Client.
Other dynamic content, including the Cube Name, does not seem to cause the problem.
AnywhereWrong Norwegian translation in Anywhere
In Anywhere is "Share" translated "Slett" in Norwegian
The right word is "Dele"


18th of November 2022


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InsightsInsights shows Query failed opening Insights dashboardIn some circumstances opening a Insight dashboard query would fail


16th of November 2022


TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
Windows clientPlus sign appears on repeater page when exporting a report 
ServerROLAP calculations are being changed to their xml-encoded counterparts when loading the data model again 


14th of November 2022


TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
Windows clientChanges in menu will make menu empty 





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