Scheduled Excel Export

From TARGIT 2019

To create a scheduled job that exports data to Excel or CSV or XML format, you will need to right click a data object in an existing, saved document: Data / Schedule.


This will create a scheduled job, where you can choose the file format (Excel, CSV or XML). Furthermore, you will have options to remove formatting, repeat dimension members and to include all data objects from the document in the export.


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  • I have a document that has multiple tables on it.  When I export it to excel, they flow nicely into multiple tabs on the spreadsheet.  Is there any way to schedule this to have the same result?

  • Hi Jay,

    As it is now, scheduled Excel exports can only be done per object - as described above.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole

    Is there any way to add the title (with dynamic content) defined in the crosstab to the exported version sent by the schedule job?

    And, is it possible to rename the file name applying the dynamic content of this same version instead of the standard format with parentheses for each member of the batch?

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Pedro,

    I am sorry. But I don't think there is any way you can do this.

    The only way you can affect the name of the output file, is via the 'Source' tab in your Scheduled job properties, where you can edit the name of exported file.

    You can even apply a few parameters to the file name with this option, but none of those that you are asking for, unfortunately.

    BR / Ole


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