Data Drivers Overview

This article provides an overview of all the data drivers you can use to import data into an InMemory Database in alphabetical order with a short description of their purpose. All of these drivers are included in the installation of TARGIT Data Driver Package and updated when upgrading. An exception from this are the online data providers, which can be updated any time by TARGIT. This ensures a much faster resolution time of any bugs or 3rd party API changes.


Data Source Purpose Deprecated from version Online Data Provider
Alteryx YXDB Reads data in Alteryx Database format. 2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  
AX7 Retracts data from D3FO using our integration    
CSV Reads CSV file - either a local file or reachable by URL    
DB2 Reads table from DB2 database    
Email Is used to send notifications. Specify SMTP details and send messages during the script run    
Environment Variable Reads from environment variables.    
Excel Reads Excel files from either:
Local drive
Google Drive
FileList Reads a file structure in a folder, gets file names as results. Used to iterate across multiple files in script    
FixedWidth Reads from fixedwidth-structured files    
Gateway database Reads data from a database using Gateway client. Need to configure specific connection on gateway client    
Google Analytics Retrieves data from Google Analytics    
Google BigQuery Retrieves data from Google BigQuery 2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  
Google Trends Retrieves data from Google Trends on used search terms 2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  
JavaScript Allows custom javascript to communicate with rest-APIs    


Generic GET Request
Generic POST request
Get project
Get user
Cloud (Get user)


Multiple options to retrieve data from the project management app Jira   Yes


Retrieves data from data service   Yes


Reads JSON files either local or by URL    
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Retracts data from D365 BC using our integration   Yes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Retracts data from Dynamics CRM using 3rd party dlls 2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales


Retracts data from customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft   Yes


Reads MongoDB data source 2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  


Reads data from OData    


Retrieves data from Quandl Service

2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  


Reads data from a Penton database

2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  


Retrieves data from CRM system Salesforce

2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  


Retrieves data from CRM system Salesforce.



Retracts data from SAP server

2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  


Reads file structure from SFTP server



Retrieves data from SharePoint's lists and libraries

2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  


Retrieves data from SharePoint Online's lists and libraries


Statistics Denmark

Retrieves data from Danish Statistical Authority



Retracts data from Trello task management system

2022 Winter (released December 1st 2022)  


Retrieves data from Weather service based on zip codes



Reads XML files



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