Known Issues (On-prem)

This list displays known issues that are not yet fixed in a release and workarounds where applicable.

High Priority Issues

AnywhereTARGIT not starting after Update to 2022 Winter Update 1, when user on many AD groups
Change the following in the Windows registry on the server:
In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesHTTPParameters key, set the following values:
MaxFieldLength: DWORD 40000
MaxRequestBytes: DWORD 100000
This change makes it possible to login to the Windows client. There is no workaround for the Anywhere client, except from removing the user from groups.
ServerTARGIT Server hanging in cloud 
Windows clientTARGIT InMemory crosstab does not filter correctly when a User Dimension is added 
Data DiscoveryCubes randomly break at startup 
Data Discovery Back-endDS: Unable to create a cube with 2 facts and dimension 
Data Discovery Back-endDS: Unable to create a cube with 2 facts and 2 dimensions 
InMemory DatabaseDATEPART returns wrong minutes 


Low Priority Issues

AnywhereSlideshow takes local Fonts instead of Server 
AnywhereMissing help "Available operators" in Anywhere 
AnywhereReport with crosstab with dynamic content in title hangs when printing to PDF 
AnywhereCriteria containing & does not work / Generic embedding 
ManagementCan not delete a private dimension that has a display folder 
ServerWhen logging in via an identity provider, the session expires after 2 hours 
Windows clientHidden object causes Print to PDF freeze and scheduled job to time-out. 
Windows clientUser dimension criteria not transferred if not entire cube selected 
Windows clientAuto-Filter in User Dimensions doesn't work 
Windows clientDecimal separators not the same 
Windows clientMonth labels in hierarchy overlap in chart 
Windows clientTop list doesn't work in combination with user-defined-dimension (Analysis Services) 
Windows clientCanvas turns white when using Outlook Screenshot feature 
Windows clientColumns can not be dragged and dropped at the end 
Windows client"Specified more than once in the SUMMARIZECOLUMNS function" error in DAX 
Windows client"Open" hyperlink does not work 
Windows clientServer mappings are not created correctly 
Windows clientObject "table" - cannot move calculations columns 
Windows clientMeasure hidden will cause error for dimension text longer than cell 
Windows clientColumn chart axis not set to same value depending on mode when opening document 
Windows clientOpen report without data - still loads textboxes 
Windows clientInitial criteria only affects objects for one cube 
Windows clientScaled crosstabs in PDFs from reports 
Windows clientTARGIT analysis datasource fails with 500 Internal Server error when an object is unavailable 
ETL StudioETL: Missing Settings.config file causes crash when starting ETL studioA bug is caused due to missing Settings.config file of a user opening ETL Studio. To fix this copy and paste existing Settings.config file for user who installed ETL Studio located at user's folder/%appdata%TARGITTARGIT InMemory ETL Studio or by running ETL Studio as administrator user.
Data Discovery Front-endDD always shows time format in US format 
JS ConnectorAdd option to control column names in SharePoint ODP 
Online Data Provider: Dynamics BCODPBC: 401 error is thrown after an hour of execution 
InMemory DatabaseRagged Hierarchy Depth excludes dimension member 
InMemory DatabaseLazyloaded columns can be unloaded on the server 
AnywhereThumbnail missing on Cloud Anywhere website tab 
AnywhereMissing translation in Anywhere 
ManagementExtension - Editor hangs when adding a dimension to all facts and virtual cube 
Windows clientCrosstab looses theme if data source has changed (eg. measure renamed) 
Windows clientMarkers for period not shown 
Windows clientFor cross tabs in custom repeater page crosstab styling changes do not update immediately 


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  • Update: A new build (23.2.15007) of 2022 Winter Update 1 with a fix of the bug is available in the Download Center.

    A bug has been identified causing forced criteria not to be applied to scheduled jobs. This introduces a risk of scheduled exports to display more data than intended. If you are running the 2022 Winter Update 1 release (build 23.2.15003) and have forced criteria that apply to your scheduled jobs, please disable the jobs impacted.


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