Known Issues (On-prem)

AnywhereCriteria containing & does not work / Generic embedding 
AnywhereThumbnail missing on Cloud Anywhere website tab 
AnywhereMissing translation in Anywhere 
AnywhereMissing help "Available operators" in Anywhere 
AnywhereSlideshow takes local Fonts instead of Server 
InsightsCurrent version in Targit Insight - Clean Up - is always 2021. 
ManagementQuery from Data Modeler in Preview Table gets a blank result 
ManagementCan not delete a private dimension that has a display folder 
ManagementError moving tabs in data model 
ManagementExtension - Editor hangs when adding a dimension to all facts and virtual cube 
ServerA job scheduled on the 28th of a month will put the TARGIT Server into maintenance mode on startupChange the scheduled job to run on another date.
ServerAnalysis Services: when reading the response from Analysis Services, the TARGIT Server can enter an infinite loop if the response is incorrect in some way 
Windows clientTARGIT InMemory crosstab does not filter correctly when a User Dimension is added 
Windows clientSensitive endpoint exposed 
Windows clientTARGIT crashes in shared user dimensions dialog 
Windows clientScheduled job - deleting a job that is running, crashes TARGIT 
Windows clientScheduled jobs - listing changes after editing a job 
Windows clientScheduled job and log does not display same date/time format 
Windows client"Designed for" not default enabled on Dashboard 
Windows clientTabular: “Missing member” in global criteria 
Windows clientCrosstab looses theme if data source has changed (eg. measure renamed) 
Windows client"Next run" column missing in Scheduled Jobs overview 
Windows clientScheduled jobs - Log and Latest result is misalignedTested OK in 23.1.20004
Windows clientGray out Bookmarks function 
Windows clientColor Agents on user dimension member shows xmlui error if member name is changed 
Windows clientNull in stylename makes dashboards crash 
Windows clientMissing translations 
Windows clientWhen mapping a member to a point comma separated decimals aren't accepted 
Windows client"Specified more than once in the SUMMARIZECOLUMNS function" error in DAX 
Windows client"Open" hyperlink does not work 
Windows clientServer mappings are not created correctly 
Windows clientMeasure hidden will cause error for dimension text longer than cell 
Windows clientObject "table" - cannot move calculations columns 
Windows clientTop list doesn't work in combination with user-defined-dimension (Analysis Services) 
Windows clientRagged Hierarchy Depth Column Does Not Work With Global Calculations 
Windows clientFor cross tabs in custom repeater page crosstab styling changes do not update immediately 
Windows clientCanvas turns white when using Outlook Screenshot feature 
Windows clientColumn chart axis not set to same value depending on mode when opening document 
Windows clientMarkers for period not shown 
Windows clientLabels overlapping 
Windows clientDecimal separators not the same 
Windows clientScaled crosstabs in PDFs from reports 
Windows clientColumns can not be dragged and dropped at the end 
Windows clientOpen report without data - still loads textboxes 
Windows clientInitial criteria only affects objects for one cube 
Windows clientUser dimension criteria not transferred if not entire cube selected 
Windows clientAuto-Filter in User Dimensions doesn't work 
ETL StudioETL: Macros are not created 
ETL StudioDate of 9999-12-31 is not supported 
ETL StudioETL: application crashes when online data providers open due to invalid jsconnector certificate 
ETL StudioETL: Javascript disappears from data source's edit form 
Scheduler ManagementInMemory Scheduler: Can not disable notifications 
Scheduler ServiceSS: ETL not running after winter 2022 release; Error executing dummy queryReinstall scheduler service - that way the missing .dll files are placed on the disk and scripts run successfully.
Data DiscoveryDS: Cube remains in 'restore pending' state after restart 
Data DiscoveryUI is freezing when loading large data sources 
Data Discovery Back-endDS: TARGIT Analysis data source breaks cube when created OOPIn the "Data Discovery Settings" dialog go to the "Database Engine" tab and uncheck "Enable data source generation out of process". Then reload all your data sources.
Data Discovery Front-endDSUI: unable to call context menu on data sources sometimes 
Plugin: ExcelDSEXCEL: "Handle empty rows and 0 values" setting is ignored 
Driver: ExcelDDEXCEL: "Handle empty rows and 0 values" setting is ignored 
inmemorydbSyntax issue with update statements 


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