Known Issues (On-prem)

This list displays known issues that are not yet fixed in a release and workarounds where applicable.

High Priority Issues

Type Priority Components Summary Workaround Work in progress
Anywhere Export other document to PDF generates PDF with no content (Not able to load PDF)  
Anywhere Anywhere drill-through: Hierarchy not accessible  


Low Priority Issues

Type Priority Components Summary Workaround Work in progress
Anywhere Anywhere: "Load data" does not work    
Anywhere Not respecting axis min in maximized mode and after object is maximized    
Anywhere Mailto URL not working in Anywhere    
Anywhere Anywhere not ignoring that level in expand is not from the dimension in use    
Anywhere Email from Share Document not working if include criteria is enabled    
Anywhere The member causing "criteria member not found in database" is not colored in Anywhere    
Anywhere Textboxes affected in Anywhere when "Criteria members not found in the database"    
Anywhere Triggers with Relative links not working for Bookmarks    
Anywhere Criteria containing & does not work / Generic embedding    
Anywhere Missing help "Available operators" in Anywhere    
Anywhere PDF-/Excel trigger for reports in Anywhere hangs  
Server Missing IP adresses in TARGIT Log  
Server Exceptions caused when reading metadata for clients are not logged correctly  
Windows client Open report without data - still loads textboxes    
Windows client Not able to use Shift to select a range for a hierarchy    
Windows client Remove inaccessible members not updating instantly for User dimension and Criteria bar    
Windows client Link from Share in Anywhere not working dure to length issue    
Windows client Time Number Formatting Not Copied To Excel and not displayed correct    
Windows client Export Excel trigger not working like before 2023 August and Windows and Anywhere not exporting the same    
Windows client Move objects not always possible    
Windows client Source data in embedded link dialog does not matching Source data in Smartpad    
Windows client Creating a new dashboard will enable design tab but not go to design-mode    
Windows client File can not be dragged to folder outside the scrolled area    
Windows client Tabular: Dimension tables with just one attribute is presented with table name only in source data    
Windows client Dynamic Periods in criteria bar shows Question mark if user clicks on static Click back to Dynamic Header for dates to show  
Windows client Scheduled job: When clicking source in overview document opens as blank if saved in Designer mode Will work when user try again on same document source  
Windows client Totals included in sorting when Totals at bottom and hierarchical collation disabled    
Windows client Changing shared colors are not saved on shared user dimensions    
Windows client Scaled crosstabs in PDFs from reports    
Windows client Columns can not be dragged and dropped at the end    
Windows client Decimal separators not the same    
Windows client "Open" hyperlink does not work    
Windows client Server mappings are not created correctly    
Windows client Object "table" - cannot move calculations columns    
Windows client If a text box template is renamed it will be removed from text box    
Windows client Cube metadata request failure is not shown in UI  
Windows client Moving a folder removes content until refresh  
Windows client Next run in scheduled jobs dialog is sometimes wrong  
Windows client Improve error message: System.String[]  
Windows client Relative links on Trigger in menu file gives blank menu (like if document not added)    
Windows client Criteria in smartpad turns blank when switching between Designer/Consumer    
Scheduler Service SS: Execution time limit is still applied after schedule is changed  
Data Discovery Back-end DS: Possible to create data source with already existing name  
Driver: CSV DDCSV: String in german date format is interpreted as double instead of date
It is possible to control metadata types for columns by specifying METADATA section of a query, ie
SELECT * FROM [FilePath] (METADATA: ColumnA(type:datetime, format:'dd.MM.yyyy', ordinal: 1), ColumnB(type:datetime, format:'dd-MM-yyyy', ordinal: 2))
InMemory Database Ragged Hierarchy Depth excludes dimension member  
Anywhere Align error message in Anywhere with Windows for export to Excel if no objects should be exported    
Bootstrapper Missing warning when installling TARGIT on a OEM version    
Management Extension - Editor hangs when adding a dimension to all facts and virtual cube    
TIC TIC tool found in Program FilesTARGITAntserver fails.    
Windows client Saving document while loading data freezes the client    
Windows client Missing scrollbars when objects are outside canvas top/left    
Windows client Format #,##0,.;"("#,##0")" export full number for negative values    
Windows client Search field in object define mode does always return (No result found)    
Windows client Report: Height different for same columns in chart on different pages    
Windows client For cross tabs in custom repeater page crosstab styling changes do not update immediately    
Windows client Background is creating lines for Padding    
InMemory tiImport SQL Server data source cannot parse connection string with special character ' as password  


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  • Update: A new build (23.2.15007) of 2022 Winter Update 1 with a fix of the bug is available in the Download Center.

    A bug has been identified causing forced criteria not to be applied to scheduled jobs. This introduces a risk of scheduled exports to display more data than intended. If you are running the 2022 Winter Update 1 release (build 23.2.15003) and have forced criteria that apply to your scheduled jobs, please disable the jobs impacted.


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