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Product News

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Download trial version + Quick tutorials

Download a 30 days trial version of TARGIT Decision Suite and watch a couple of tutorials to get you quickly started if you are new to TARGIT.


Get an overview of TARGIT's Cloud offering

Frontend: Designer, Consumer

Documentation for the TARGIT Designer user: Design and formatting of dashboards, charts, objects, menus etc.


TARGIT Insights is a feature that logs data to a cloud database with the purpose of customers gaining insight into their usage of their own TARGIT solution.

Data Discovery

Upload and discover ad-hoc data directly from your TARGIT client. Excel files, CSV files, online data sources.


Installation of the TARGIT Decision Suite. Settings. Administration. Governance. TARGIT Management client.

Data Warehouse Developer

Articles related to design of Data Warehouses and ETL processes. TARGIT InMemory. SQL Tabular. SQL SSAS and SSIS. Data Model Editor.

Inspiration and Useful links

Links to resources and inspiration

The TARGIT Portal

This section holds articles that describes how to plan, develop and maintain a TARGIT Portal that can support decision making in the entire organization.