Display every 'attribute' at a seperated row: address information

Please find the example below, which is the value of column that combines all relevant address information (attributes like PostCode, City, Address etc.):

As emerges, all different attributes are seperated by the ',' symbol.
Is there a solution to display each attribute at a seperated (read new) row?:

I need to apply this within a table!





  • Hi Jelle

    If I understand you correctly all the information above is stored in one attribute? And what you are trying to do, is to separate one attrubute into a number of different attributes based on the fact the there is a delimiter (,) that can be used to identify where to split the data?

  • Hi Niels,

    That is correct, but rather than seperating the attributes into different columns, I would like to have the results in rows within a table/crosstab.

  • Ok thanks. I think maybe the feature request here, is to be able to work on dimension data in general - do substring-like operations and so on?

    Currently you can't do this is the frontend.

    Your only option would be to build a table - use it as a data source in data discovery - do the text manipulation in that environment - and finally build your table based on a data discovery cube.


  • Hi Niels,

    Thank you for the information! 

    In my opinion, the request is more about the possibilities of dimensional attributes within tables. Because basically, the goal is to improve the readability by formatting a dimension like address information (to allign it with the format of a postcard/letter).

  • Moreover, that (formatting/layout) is the only reason that all information is concatenated and stored into a single attribute. 

  • ok - good point. Let's put the other idea in a different feature request.


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