Auto adjust column size with line break

There are some headers (measure/dimension) with very long names, meaning that the column size is adjusted manually to enforce a line break. However, this method means that some numbers or text might be cut short, because the size of the field does not change automatically anymore. In other words, I am looking for a function that auto adjusts the column size based on the available values while having the opportunity for a line break (i.e., distributing header name over multiple rows/lines).



  • Hi Jelle,

    This might be an interesting feature.

    If possible, can you elaborate with some screenshots or mockups what it is you see as a problem, and how you see the solution?

    BR / Ole

  • Ole Dyring
    It applies to both measures and dimensions.

    For example, a measure:

    This column takes a lot of space, that is why we adjust its size to enforce a line-break:

    But when new data is loaded, it might occur that the number or text cannot be displayed anymore:

    (Because the column size is adjusted manually, the auto-fit function does not extent the space anymore. In other words, I would like to have line-breaks while the column size remains automatically adjusted based on the available data...)


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