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Hi all,

I have the following user story, that cannot be solved with TARGIT as far as I know.

There is a table with all customers. Now I add any selection, e.g. by one specific product X. Now I only see all customers who have bought this product X. But in the next step I want to know what other products the customers bought if they bought product X. For example: All customers who bought product X, also bought Y and Z.





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    This feature has been released as 'Filter Delegates'.

    Cloud release: 26th November 2023.

    On-prem release: '2023 November 2'


  • This is one of the most powerful features for analysis. 

    It is earmarking selected customers and find out what else they did.

    This is showing any kind of coorelation between distinct facts. No deep analysis possible without such earmarks.

    Maybe I am wrong - but shouldn' t this be a very easy function to implement ? 



  • Hi Marlene,

    This is actually one of the things that we are currently developing for an upcoming release.

    The current work title is 'Filter delegates' and it is currently scheduled for a release in late 2023.

    With that, a result set (your list of customers after your Product X filter) can be set up to work as an immediate filter on other objects.

    You can actually do it already today, although it requires a manual drill down filter:

    • Set up two tables: One with your Customers and one with your Products.
    • For the Products table, go to the Criteria Smartpad and select 'Ignore dimensions'. Ignore criteria coming from the Product dimension.
    • Now, when you apply a Product criteria, the Customer table will show a reduced list of customers, but the Product table will currently remain unaffected.
    • Next, when you do a drill down selection (one or more customers) in Customer table, the Product table will show all the products bought by this customer(s).

    In my example below, I am also using a table to make the initial selection of a product:

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole, thank you, great news, we will test the new feature in TARGIT 2023 this week :)

    In your alternative solution, there is an issue when the list/table is very long, because you need to mark all rows. There is not one click to mark them all.

    BR / Marlene

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