Grouped Categories compared to total in a line chart over time


I'm trying to make a line chart that shows how certain categories develope over the years compared to total.

Hence: It always need to show four years back.

Below is a given example where I want Category1, Category2, Category3 grouped and compared to the total value of all categories.

I need a chart that shows:

1. The developement of the grouped total of categories and total values in one chart over the years.

2. The Percentage split between the grouped categories and total value over the years.

How do I make these visualizations in line charts?



  • Hi Janus,

    I would do this as in image below. Create crosstab first with calculated columns. Then hide all columns except Category1-3, CategoryAll & %OfTotal. Finally, change cross tab to a line chart.

    BR Jelle

  • Hi Jelle,

    Thanks for your reply - It will work.


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