Allow more than 12 Hours Scheduled Jobs Processing Time

Allow more than 12 hours batch processing time.  Allow the 12 hour timeout period to be set in Targit Management.



  • Thank you. We appreciate your input, and it has been noted.

    The status of this post will be updated as your request is being processed by TARGIT.

    Until then, the post will remain here to gather further interest, more votes and comments.

    Best regards


  • Hi Jason,

    It turns out that you can actually set a custom, general timeout for scheduled jobs.

    You will need to modify the Settings.xml file on the TARGIT Server's C drive, in C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\Settings\Settings.xml.

    Locate the <jobhost ... /> entry and modify the scheduledJobTimeout setting.

    E.g., scheduledJobTimeout="PT23H" for a 23 hours timeout.

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks so much !! I really appreciate it !  This is huge for us.

  • You are welcome. :-)

    Please note that this is a work-around, and that there is no guarantee that it will work long term. (E.g., in a future version, the Settings.xml file might be changed without paying any attention to these types of customizations.)

    For the same reason, I will keep this post open. To gather further interest, and to potentially become an official feature in the future.

    BR / Ole


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