Reuse trigger to layouts in different analysis

It is possible to create a trigger to a specific layout. 

I have 10 analysis with the same 2 layouts ("Ansatte" and "Årsværk"). It would be great to be able to create a saved menu with a trigger to the two layouts and then reuse the menu in all 10 analysis. But the triggers only work in 1 analysis (the analysis I have created the menu in). 

Although the layout names are identical and using "Handling => Navigering"  you don't specify the analysis name, it seems like the triggers still has to be setup in each analysis. 



  • Hi Louise,

    I just did a test, and I cannot replicate your issue.

    I did the following:

    1. Created and saved a document, Document 1, with two layouts.
    2. Saved a copy of Document 1 as Document 2.
    3. Added a menu, two buttons with triggers to respective layouts, to Document 1.
    4. Saved the menu.
    5. Added the saved menu to Document 2.
    6. Tested that the saved menu, without further modifications, worked as expected (triggered to expected layouts) in both documents.

    Please advice if your approach includes other steps than these and if you are still having the issue.

    BR / Ole

  • Hi Ole

    It's exactly what I do.

    I create a menu in document 1 and save it:

    With triggers to layouts:

    I then create a menu in document 2 and link to the saved menu file and save the document.

    But when I click at the menu, it only works in document 1.

    And when I (in document 2) switch to design mode and click at the menu, I cant open it. I can only choose "ramme styling"

    If I then close document 2 and reopen it, it still dosn't work, but now I get the option to open it:

    But if I switch to consumer mode and try to click on the menu again, nothing happens and when I then switch to designer mode, I cant open it again:

    When I then close the document and open it again and open the menu, it looks like this:


    But if I open the menu from document 1 (where it works just fine) it still shows the trigger correctly:

    When I created this request we used version 2023 nov. Now we have upgraded to 2023 dec. But still dosn't work. I can only get the menu to work in the original document.

    If I then in document 2 opens the menu and chooses the layouts at the triggers and save the menu and the document. Then it now works in document 2:

    But then it no longer works in document 1:


    Could it have something to do with these orange marks when I rename my layouts in the documents? (and what does they mean?)


    But when I close the document and reopen it, the orange marks are gone.

    (And the menu still dosn't work)

  • Hi Louise,

    I think I remember something about saved menus not being happy when saved with file names containing special characters, as in 'Nøgletal'. Could you please try saving it as e.g., 'Noegletal' and let me know if that makes any difference?

    Thank you,

  • Now I have saved the menu as "....Noegletal" and updated the menu so it works in file 1:

    Then I use the same menu in file 2, but still same result: It dosn't work


  • Hi Louise,

    Please take this to our official Support. 

    BR / Ole

  • Ok - Now created as a support request BUG-5973

  • Answer from Support:

    Trigger to Layouts refer to a Layout ID - not the Layout name. So even if the Layouts have identical names, they may have different IDs, and thereby the reused menu trigger will fail.

    One way to handle this, is to create your documents from a template. The template should contain all the necessary Layouts from the beginning. Then, all layouts in all documents created from this template will have the same IDs. (This is essentially what I did in my example above, where I used two documents - one as a copy of the other.)

    BR / Ole


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