Trigger to e-mail: Include text and attach pdf (screenshot)

It is possible to create a trigger that open a new mail with a specified recipient.

We use this in our analysis toolbar to encourage our users to send us (administrators) an email with questions or reporting af errors (to the active document).

It would be great if it was possible to include a standard text in the beginning of the email and attach a pdf (or screenshot) of the active analysis.

I don't know if it is possible, but it would be a great help for us to be able see what the users see, when they report errors. In the mouse-over we have encouraged them to attach a pdf of the analysis, but it is not used :)

Moreover it could be used as a quickstep for the users if they like to send a pdf of the active document to someone else.



  • Thank you. We appreciate your input, and it has been noted.

    The status of this post will be updated as your request is being processed by TARGIT.

    Until then, the post will remain here to gather further interest, more votes and comments.

    Best regards


  • It is possible to include a subject and/or a body of text in the mailto-scheme. An example:

         mailto:[insert e-mail]?subject=[insert subject]&body=[insert body]

    But I agree it would be nice if TARGIT had an e-mail-trigger that allowed dynamic content and attached PDF/Excel-files from the current dashboard!


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