Categorization of feature requests

With this request there will be 300 posts in the "Feature requests / Ideas" topic.

The last couple of days I have posted some feature requests and used a lot of time searching for and reading other requests to make sure I didn't create duplicates. I find it a bit difficult to get an overview of all the requests despite of the search function. I think it could be a lot easier if the requests were categorized or contained some labels/subjects to choose from. At least just be able to seperate e.g. Management, Data Model Editor, Anywhere etc.

Just an idea :)


And congratulations with the feature request number 300 in this topic! Thanks for the opportunity to report our ideas and push new features (and be able to read and vote on other ideas) \0/



  • In addition to this it seems like it's not possible to get an overview of the feature requests that is planned? I can get this if a make a search. But a can't get a full list. I've tried to search for "a" or something else thats common enough to include all requests. But then the search just give me an empty result.

    So how do get a list of planned requests? I can see that next planned on-prem release is 12/12, but not what it is planned to include. I have seen that "Pinned colors" is included, but I think there were a few more things? 

  • Hi Louise,

    Thanks for coming up with ideas, not just related to the TARGIT product, but, as in this case, also related to how we handle our Community. We have discussed pros and cons regarding categories for feature requests.

    The major con is that the Zendesk platform that we are currently using does not support this very well. You cannot make sub-categories to the Forum part of the Zendesk platform. I.e. if we had to make categories for various feature request types, it would have to be on the same level as the current 'Feature requests / Ideas' forum, resulting in far too many Feature request forums on the top level.

    Here is a small guide on how to potentially optimize posting and searching in the 'Feature requests / Ideas' forum. Not just for you, but for everyone else who may read this post.

    I appreciate that you make an effort not to create duplicates. You can do this by searching for similar posts before you post, or by examining the Similar posts suggestions you get when you start typing the title of a new post:

    If you do a search, it is very helpful to narrow down that search to the 'Feature requests / Ideas' forum. E.g., if I do a search for 'Templates' I may initially get 46 hits across the entire Community platform:

    But if I use the 'By Type' selector on the left hand side, I can narrow down that search to just 11 results inside the 'Feature requests / Ideas' forum:

    To see which feature requests have been planned, you can do this from the start page of the 'Feature requests / Ideas' forum. Here, you can filter all posts by their Status:

    BR / Ole


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