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As anyone succeeded at using the Email tool in the InMemory ETL Studio?

We created a datasource :

We know the server configuration works because there are emails sent to numerous users for scheduled jobs.

And in the Email tool, configure:

The log reports that Importing Send Email :

 IMPORT [Send Email] = [Email].{EMAIL '' SUBJECT 'The test job ETL has finished' BODY 'Please check the log file to ensure it terminated without error.'}

But no email appears in the destination mailbox.

We tried multiple emails in different domains without ever seing an email...

Any idea would be appreciated, could not find anything in the documentation.



  • Hi Sylvain,

    I have an Email task that I named 'EmailTask'.

    When I run it, it produces a table in the InMemory database with the same name: 'EmailTask'.

    If you use the InMemory Query Tool to select rows from this table, you should be able to see why it fails.

    My Email task works fine, but in this example I made an intentional error in the source data configuration:

    BR / Ole

  • Thanks Ole. I should have posted the answer here but I forgot. I found out that the email setup we where trying to use was the one in Server Management, but by coincidence we found out that there was one in the Scheduler management also that needed to be configured.


    We're using it now!


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