New feature - limiting number of rows and columns shown in crosstab - How does it work?

After upgrading we see this functionality where the number of rows in crosstabs are limited to 1000 rows and the number of columns are reduced to 50 columns.

Is it correct understood, that the totals are always including all data? So the totals are not affected by the reduced number of rows?

In designer mode it is shown with a warning triangle and in all modes the object information tells that the number if rows has been reduced.

In consumer mode and in anywhere you get an arrow in the buttom of the table when you have scrolled to the buttom of the reduced number of rows.

But the new feature dosn't seem to affect all crosstabs. Here I have a crosstab with 7653 rows, where all rows is loaded.

In the case below there are 105 columns and it has been reduced to 50:

So what are the rules for this feature and how does it affect the crosstab?



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